Driving Impactful Communications and Transforming Success

Welcome to Giulia Doyle Communication Consulting, where we specialize in senior-level communications strategy and team leadership to drive exceptional communication results for your organization. With a proven track record in various industries, we are committed to transforming your communication landscape.

Portrait of Giulia Doyle


With over 20 years of experience in communications, I’ve had the privilege of leading groundbreaking strategies and high-performing teams in various sectors. My expertise lies in crafting integrated communications strategies, fostering stakeholder collaboration, and providing strong senior leadership.

My consulting is grounded in principles of transparency, innovation, and dedication to achieving your goals. I believe in the power of effective communication to drive success.


Senior Communications Strategy Consulting

This core service focuses on developing cutting-edge communications strategies tailored to your unique needs. I specialize in helping you achieve measurable results, meet project goals, and enhance stakeholder engagement.

  • Craft tailored strategies for measurable results.
  • Specialize in goal-driven project execution.
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement for impact.

Team Leadership

My strong team leadership ensures that your team is not only productive but also motivated to achieve excellence.

  • Drive team productivity with strong leadership.
  • Set strategic goals for excellence.
  • Foster a collaborative and innovative team.

Stakeholder Engagement

I excel in building working groups and maintaining robust relationships with key stakeholders, facilitating national collaborations as well as internal alignment.

  • Build effective working groups.
  • Maintain robust stakeholder relationships.
  • Facilitate national collaborations.

Director Level Parental Leave Contracts

In times of leadership transition, maintaining continuity is crucial. My Director Level Parental Leave offerings ensure a seamless transition during a critical period. Drawing on my extensive experience at the director level, I bring a strategic approach to maintain project momentum and uphold organizational goals. This service is designed to alleviate the stress of temporary leadership gaps, allowing your team to focus on their work with confidence. I specialize in helping you achieve measurable results, meet project goals, and enhance stakeholder engagement.

  • Ensure seamless leadership transitions.
  • Leverage director-level experience for momentum.
  • Alleviate stress, allowing confident team focus.

Fractional Chief Communications Officer Services

For small and medium-sized associations operating on a national scale, having a Chief Communications Officer (CCO) is essential but may not be feasible on a full-time basis. My Fractional CCO Services offer a cost-effective solution. I step into the role of a part-time CCO, providing senior-level communications support that aligns with your organization’s objectives. This flexible approach ensures that your communications strategy remains robust and effective, allowing you to control costs without compromising on the quality of leadership. It’s a tailored solution for evolving needs, providing the expertise you need, precisely when you need it.

  • Provide cost-effective senior-level support.
  • Align strategy with organizational objectives.
  • Offer flexible, adaptive solutions.


Medical Council of Canada

Led integrated communications strategies for Canada’s National Registry of Physicians, with $28 million in government funding.

  • Achieved project goals, timelines, and funding requirements by delivering a metrics-driven strategy.
  • Built national stakeholder collaborations, including 30+ working group sessions and cross-country IT collaborations.

Egg Farmers of Canada

Provided strategic counsel, fostering corporate and government relations aligned with ‘one egg per day for every Canadian.’

  • Managed full communication team, $3 million budget, and oversaw various programs to deliver measurable results.
  • Exceeded 2021/2022 earned media goals by 25% through strategic communications.



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Giulia is a trusted and valued communications professional who taught me a great deal about strategic communications. No matter the audience, Giulia’s feedback allowed me to push the envelope and grow as a government relations professional.

– Taylor Provak, EFC

Possessing a strategic outlook, Giulia is a strong, effective leader. Highly organized, she established a clear process for her communications team to create and manage high level deliverables over the long term.

– Caroline Mottis, CREA

Giulia is a big picture thinker who is also at ease with operational detail in all areas of communication strategy, planning and execution.

– Linda Kristal, CREA

Giulia provided great support to me and my team. She was instrumental in helping us communicate effectively with the organization.

– Paul Mason, MD Financial